Jessica is a Godsend. When I reached out to inquire about her services, she promptly responded. I will definitely hire her again; she has my vote for quality service!

She communicated frequently, and we even set up zoom meetings to chat face-to-face as needed to discuss comments/feedback, etc.

She kept my original voice and thoughts while creating a smooth read for the reader in my book, You Can Again: Picking up the shattered pieces after divorce.

Throughout this entire process, I was confident in her editing services. She exceeded my expectations and even delivered before the deadline.

If you are looking for an editor that takes great pride in her work and is detailed-oriented, hire Jessica.

Thank you so much for being part of my journey to bring my story to the world. :-)

-Felicia Roberts

Having another set of eyes on my copywriting work is something I've been needing for a while. I'm glad Jessica found my cry for help in a Facebook group - she helped me navigate her services to figure out how we could best work together. I'm grateful for her editing skills and excited to continue working with her!

-Anna Bordner, The Dwell Society

"Jessica is a pleasure to work with. She is focused, takes care of details, and asks questions as needed. In our department, we are often placed under a lot of pressure because of schedule changes. Jessica maintains a good attitude through all.

I would recommend Jessica to others for document editing. I have found that she is a knowledgeable technical editor."

-Milt Schultz, Nuclear Engineer, Washington River Protection Solutions

"From the beginning I have positive experiences working with Jessica. Her organization, documentation reviews, and feedback has been very effective in our department."

-Dick Carlstrom, Safety Evaluator, Washington River Protection

I first saw Jessica on Periscope by chance. The first thing that caught my attention about her was her warmth and charisma. She immediately offered to help me through some situations I was going through. After speaking with her for a short while I decided to invest in my growth by hiring her. When we got into more detail about what my particular needs were, I got a glimpse of her humanitarian side as she identified herself with me as a mother and was able to help me connect with the resources for my particular needs. I was able to identify the things that had been stopping me and devised a good strategy to better organize my thoughts and determine exactly where I am headed.

I highly recommend her. She provided valuable feedback, held me accountable without harshness, shared with me her personal ways of achieving her success, keep organized, take action and reinforced my unique talents that I, at certain times, wasn't able to see for myself. I've worked with her for a short while and I'm immensely grateful for her commitment to my success.

Mariliz Berrios

Life coach for divorced women, nlp programming and plus size model.


Award of Excellence, April 2020
Issued by Washington River Protection Solutions
Recognized for maintaining a high degree of professionalism, courtesy and pleasant attitude.
"Jessica's willingness to put in extra effort when receiving review requests has been integral to the success of team planning."

-Elizabeth Gibson, Procedure Writer